Standoff 2 Mod APK 0.10.1 – Unlimited Ammo, No Reload

Standoff 2 Mod APK
Standoff 2 Mod APK
Standoff 2 Mod APK
Standoff 2 Mod APK
Standoff 2 Mod APK
Standoff 2 Mod APK

The legendary “Standoff” is back in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter!
New maps, new types of weapons, new game modes are waiting for you in this incredible action game, where terrorists and special forces going to engage the battle not for life, but to death.

The game is at the alpha-testing stage at this moment:
– 3 maps
– 1 game mode
– Friends
– Lobbies
– Messaging
– A lot of fun!
Next features:
– Different game modes (“Deathmatch”, “Defuse the bomb”, “Arms race”, “Capture the flag”, “Robbery”)
– Competitive games (“Defuse the bomb”)
– New models of knives, grenades, new weapons
– More maps
– Skins and exchange between players
– HUD customization
– Voice chat

What's New: V0.10.1
– Increased grenade’s armor penetration (now the maximum possible damage is 80, instead of 50)
– Fixed bugs on the “Rust”
– Fixed a bug when CT could see a bomb on the radar before it was detected
– The StatTrack label in inventory and on the Marketplace has been changed
– Fixed bug with grenade’s detonation
– Fixed StatTrack’s displaying problems in a match
– Improvements on the death screen
– Fixed bug with remote defuse
Mod Features:
– Unlimited Ammo/No Reload
Standoff 2 Mod APK 0.10.1 Standoff 2 OBB 0.10.1

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